You understand your child – Do you think he needs private tutors? A student may be lagging and may not be able to attend full-time school and may need homeschooling. If yes, please interact with our counsellors who based on interaction with you find and arrange your visual meeting with our teachers and interact with her and share your views/concerns. After that, a visual meeting between the teacher and your child will be arranged. Our teachers mainly come from India, and due to the wage differences, very high-quality teachers are available at much lower costs to you; they are experienced and qualified and have been trained to be sensitive to students' needs. They have been trained in US patterns of the education system; we are working on getting them licensed as per US policy. You can sign a monthly or yearly package; you can choose a subject package or all subjects where a child needs support. Our tutoring contract is drawn based on needs. We pay our teachers the best from Indian standards and are yet very affordable to you. More than one teacher is made available, and the weekly schedule is drawn based on the student's availability and needs per week. We have several US-trained and experienced teachers/counsellors in our panel to bring the US perspectives to our teaching.

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